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Just a few days left of our spring pre-sale of the #hautemacabre + #bpal fragrances! I’ll be shipping orders out the last week of April, so reserve your bottles now! http://hautemacabre.com/shop
The @haute_macabre + #blackphoenixalchemylab Spring Pre-Sale is officially open. Each scent is inspired by the Hermetic philosophy that all things are created to work on unison with one another, and each scent compliments one another. To be worn separately or layered together, As Above, So Below, and the original Haute Macabre scent are each strong enough to mark your signature scent, & subtle enough for every day wear. 

You may reserve our three exclusive fragrances for shipment in late April by visiting hautemacabre.com/shop

#hautemacabre #bpal
Neko Case!!  (at The Civic Theatre)
Spoiler alert! ❤️ @bobsuicide
Possibly the best mail day ever? The latest collection of Joseph Campbell’s works, gorgeous prints from @nonalimmen, the mini cauldron & incense, charcoal, & stones from @witcheryway, & my holiday gift from @ryan44 :: The Oracle from @bloodmilk. So much magic on my doorstep! 
It doesn’t count if they’re half price, right? Thank you, @thetrashydiva, for letting me get my @fluevog fix on! #fluevog #trashydiva #allthevogs
My hair has reached crazy person length, as you can see in this terribly composed photo. Thanks to @vrileylee for making it all fancy!
Happy Twelfth Night!! It’s Carnivale time!! 💜💚💛
Spending Hexmas moving into & unpacking our new home! Can’t wait to spend the first night once our furniture gets moved!
Received the best Fishmas package ever from Nixon today!
I don’t think there is anyone more thoughtful than @ohchloe.
Very excited to get into this. I’m two chapters in so far & hooked. Thank you to everyone that recommended this, I really do adore our bookworm community that has developed here on IG.
External Influences v.8
Let’s start this edition of External Influences off with this video of Amanda Palmer being…View Post
More from yesterday’s cemetery stroll in Lafayette Cemetery No.1. It’s my favorite cemetery to take visiting friends to, as all the tombs are slightly dilapidated  & aged.
Shipping off your @haute_macabre holiday pre-orders this afternoon! You’ve still got a few hours before I head to the post office to place an order for same day shipping! #hautemacabre #bpal #blackphoenixalchemylab #supportsmallbusiness